"A good response to an RFP is like a love letter"

Hey! I'm Athena, rising senior studying computer science at Harvard, Managing Partner at Dorm Room Fund, and co-founder at non-profit Coding it Forward (backed by Knight Foundation) bringing technical talent to government agencies.

I care a lot about making government services more effective. So far, I've:

  • built tools to improve voter participation at vote.org
  • helped build the City of Boston's open data hub
  • prototyped software for the VA & US Digital Service
  • spoken at several conferences about govtech (up next: main stage at the Code for America Summit, June 1)

In the past, I worked on self-driving cars at Uber, changed my school system’s health policy from bottom third in the nation to “one of the very best,” presented research at an international NIH conference, opened up data at Harvard, and authored two papers in peer-reviewed journals.